Silence of mind is truly golden - Why become a great paranormal researcher

Often, people inquire as to what investigating the paranormal is really like. Excluding both the perseverance as well as reverence essential to become and serve as a competent researcher, I have long contemplated what exactly makes the experience itself special — more particularly, why investigate at all.

Shining Light onto Darkness

Perhaps, the ear-piercing quiet, moonlit darkness, history seemingly echoed, which, in turn, combine to form unique, ephemeral, almost bittersweet moments, filled with a sort of beautiful tranquility unlike any others. Such triggers of calm rush across one's being accompanied by blips of anxiety caused by potential interactions with the 'other-side' of life. Occasionally, the best approach is to set aside all gadgets, switch-off stress to ensure a calm & clear mentality, then switch-on human's natural sensors — sight, sound, smell, feel — to experience the spectrum of what one can. No need to be an actual 'clairvoyant' (or 'psychic'), rather only open-minded and absent of prior exposure, which may taint your perspective, and therewith your overall experience. Afterwards, analyze those experiences with special attention to your own perceptions of what occurred, respect to your methodologies of investigating, and whenever possible, all in combination for comparison of any anomalous activity with an enlightening knowledge of Physics. Maybe, after all, its watching as peace-of-mind returns to the face of clients after such distress — regardless whether a natural or supernatural cause was found, whether it still is present or has moved on, giving such a gift should always be the primary goal for every researcher. Making the Unknown, Known ™ is certainly the driving force. An opportunity to accelerate the knowledge of everyone, regarding what else may, or may not, be out there.


If you are interested in experiencing such a sensation, and joining our team too, please send a message for , including a detailed description about you, your history, if any, with paranormal phenomenon, and perhaps most importantly, why you could become a productive member of our team

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