A Note to Investigators: First, seek to disprove and ease - only when not possible, prove

Dear Fellow Investigators, In my years of conducting paranormal investigations, I have found several key takeaways, which I wanted to share with you today: Stay calm, investigate on. All too many paranormal investigators, even entire groups, fall into the trap of hype, likely brought onto the scene by pop-culture 'ghost hunting'. Unfortunately, when this happens, they lose track of a more noble, attempt-at-scientific research pursuit. What they do accomplish is pre-exposing themselves to thoughts of activity, which, in fact, may not be present, and cognitively train themselves to believe it exists there nonetheless - causing anxiety and other mental traits, which, in turn, lead to false perceptions and experiences. To embody an utmost sense of care, respect, professionalism, reverence is essential always, while investigating. Only in doing so, can we continue to grow our interest, our passion, our field of study. While in recent years, the field of paranormal research (a.k.a. parapsychology) has grown tenfold, we still have a long ways to go in terms of skeptics perception of us. Indeed, the best way to persuade a skeptic is to be one, then build an objective, instead of subjective, case toward proof. Simple, yet powerful: be honest. Do not attempt to embellish or distort potential evidence, or lack thereof. Instead, present exactly what you found, and immediately thereafter, always provide a solution, or at least options for the property owner to consider. Our field already has a sore-spot in its reputation for fakery and fools, let's not expand upon it any further. First seek to disprove and ease - only when not possible, prove. Perhaps, most important, whenever consoling a more-often-than-not troubled property owner, is to place their mind back at ease. You want to reassure them that everything will be alright, and that you will be there to accompany them every step of the way on that journey. Here are two sound alternatives to investigations, include but are not limited to: - 'Debunk': Determine natural causes such as building-settling, which may explain what was, nonetheless, perceived as being anomalous (old plumbing, noisy flooring, drafts of wind from leaky windows, etc.). Here, it's important to remind the property owner that you will still be around for them, no matter what, and that you can still conduct an investigation, should they not be totally satisfied. - Clergy Support: Nearly every faith has an idea of how to handle paranormal phenomenon or occurrences. Their knowledge-base has consulted on this for much longer than any paranormal group or 'expert'. Go to them on behalf of the property owner (with their consent), and request help. Help can come in many forms, but one of the best is a spiritual cleansing of the property. Happy Investigating! All the best, Alex

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