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Hauntings & Ghosts

From the onset of activity, perhaps nothing is more upsetting, eye-opening, life-changing, even terrifying than to experience the possible presence of ghosts in one's own home or workplace. 

Michigan Paranormal Advisers bring forth years of experience in researching, investigating, and handling cases, in which hauntings are suspected, sometimes to an extent validated. We understand and sympathize with the distress those who experience something face, and seek to place your mind at ease by educating you on potential causes, conducting a thorough on-location investigation, and finally, providing best-in-field steps for moving forward. 

Our services are professional, discreet, thorough, and accept donations to cover costs only. 

We are highly knowledgeable on the various forms of activity involving the potential for entities from other spiritual realms, including:

  • Spirits

  • Phantom

  • Poltergeist

  • Demonic / Malevolent Entities

which may manifest themselves in numerous ways, including:

  • Voices / Electronic Voice Phenomenon

  • Full-Bodied Apparitions

  • Noises 

  • 'Cold-spots' 

  • Object movement

and more.