Experience the Unknown
for yourself.

Research of nearly one-thousand (966) reportedly Haunted Locales / Paranormal 'Hotspots' worldwide
as assembled by Michigan Paranormal Advisers' Founder Alex with the supporting software of Google My Maps. 

Using a Desktop computer is recommended for ease-of-use and a more full-viewing experience.

Any additional locations in mind, which we may have missed here? 
You're welcome to submit your ideas to info@michiganparanormaladvisers.com

Very important, before visiting:

While some of these locales are open to the public or a business (such as an inn), others may not be, and Michigan Paranormal Advisers do not accept any responsibility nor liability for anything that may occur to you at these locales. Essentially, visit at your own risk. Remember, trespassing on private property is illegal in the State of Michigan - best policy for your own safety and to respect local laws as well as property owners, always,
ask for permission first and in-advance.