Exposing other, wider dimensions of light in the night


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Thanks to harnessing capabilities to see in the full-spectrum of light - a combination of the ultraviolet realm, visible realm, and infrared realm - in addition to thermal imaging for detecting temperature differences to the ambient, we at Michigan Paranormal Advisers are confident in our ability to capture videos, photographs, and more. Ultimately, to better document phenomenon, or a lack thereof.

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Universally, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (E.V.P.) is among the highest regarded forms of evidence, which paranormal researchers can record. Essentially, these recordings are voices, which while, more often than not, inaudible during the investigation (at the moment the recording is taken), become apparent on the tape when reviewed post-investigation. Michigan Paranormal Advisers are very experienced with how to best evoke responses from any entities (or even ghosts), which may reside in a location. As a rather unique policy in the field of paranormal research, our questions are always asked in a clear, concise, respectful manner to ensure the utmost care for the property. 

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Many paranormal researchers believe significant deviations from ambient environmental measurements, on a variety of high-tech, handheld meter devices, may indicate the presence of paranormal activity, or, especially, movement thereof. Michigan Paranormal Advisers add these devices to their quiver,  not as a sole means of proving / disproving activity, but rather as additional tools.

Primarily, meters, which can very accurately measure:

  • EMF Meter for Electromagnetic Fields / measured in Gauss
    Theory: Ghosts, or similar entities, can manipulate existing electromagnetic fields to manifest themselves. 

  • Thermometer for Temperature - Both Ambient and Infrared ('Pinpoint') / measured in Degrees, both Fahrenheit and Celsius 
    Theory: To make their presences known, ghosts, or similar entities, can draw thermal energy from the environment, making the temperature in certain areas much colder than others - a phenomena known as 'cold spots'. 

  • Ionization / measured Joules 
    The discharge of electrons from a fast-moving electric current colliding  with a gaseous element. Theory: also manipulable and may detect significant, yet otherwise naturally unexplain-able abnormalities. 


and more. 

Important to note and remember here is how none of these devices have been scientifically-proven (lab tested) to ascertain paranormal phenomenon, or a lack thereof. Rather, these devices are intended to aid researchers today to better analyze and provide added credibility to their personal experiences, which are arguably, especially when experienced by more than one individual in the absence of the power of suggestion, the strongest indicators.